The Huntingdale Pastoral Holdings Pty Ltd (T/a Chelsea Properties Co.) was established over two decades ago and since then we have been in the business of worldwide trading.

We are a network of established companies together with trusted partners from around the globe. We pride ourselves on the way we conduct our business operations when it comes to professionalism, Integrity, honesty and transparency, sharing these values with all our trading partners.

We have a loyal and experienced team in our main operating facilities in Australia, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Cyprus, along with many trading partners in key locations around the world.

One of the most important aspects of our business operations is that we have direct factory access to many products and offer a wealth of high quality merchandise under our own brand ‘Bloom’. If you are looking to purchase any of the wide variety of goods we can supply – in bulk – and shipped directly to you, then just contact any of our professional team worldwide for the latest products available.

A trouble free trading experience.